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Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC offers both residential and commercial cleaning services. Our cleaning company pampers your home and commercial space with extreme detail and care. We provide a unique cleaning experience that clearly sets us apart from the rest.  We service Raleigh and the Surrounding Areas!



We love our customers so much, we centered our logo around them.  The role of the queen bee is to sit back, relax, and let the worker bees do the work! 


Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC started when the owner was faced with the task of cleaning the home of her loss Mother to cancer.  It was her sole responsibility to clean out the home and make all of the arrangements on her own.  Understandably, the task was a heavy one to bear alone.  The owner sought the assistance of local businesses and neighbors to assist her with tackling the growing to do list.  She was immediately overwhelmed by the way good samaritans showed up, volunteered their time, and offered to help her in any way that they could.  As a result of this experience Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC emerged and has been servicing our clients every since.  Our client base ranges from busy moms, the elderly, individuals who just need a break, hard workers, the disabled and more! Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC has teamed up with Pretty in Pink Foundation, Inc committing to donate a portion of our proceeds to help those people in the Raleigh who are fighting cancer pay their medical bills so that they can focus on recovery!




Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Treatment and Waxing, Disinfectant Treatments (included with every cleaning), Onsite Laundry Service, Valet Trash Service, Fragrance Treatments, Declutter and Organization Service, Grout Cleaning, and Landscaping Services.





We offer one time, weekly, biweekly, and monthly cleanings. Our intention has always been to create a relaxing experience in your home.  Thus, we will always remain contract free with no commitments. In fact, Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC always wants you to be in control so you will never see any due dates or late fees. No matter which package you choose, you can always schedule and use your prepaid cleanings at any time. We only require two months upfront to get started (with the exception of one time cleanings). We graciously offer service giveaways to our valued customers, and we are all about the cleanliness and health of your home!





We always provide a thorough and detailed cleaning. Expect a FREE Disinfectant Treatment with every cleaning! We don't use a laundry service. We use brand new hand towels every time and discard them afterwards at your location. In fact, we use different towels for the kitchen and bathroom, and we NEVER cross contaminate. We take pride in using EPA approved solutions in the home. Your first cleaning includes you providing us an evaluation of your space whilst also sharing with us your expectations. We disinfect our machinery and tools after every cleaning with a bleach solution. We don't use the same machinery again until is has fully dried to allow time for a complete disinfection. Our Cleaners are easily identified by the Pink Bee uniform. Lastly, our Clients know who their assigned Cleaner will be ahead of schedule.


Covid 19- 4.0 Certified by ISSA CMI

Microbial Warrior w/ an emphasis on SARS-Co V2/ Covid 19 Certified by The Global Biorisk Advisory Council 

Licensed and Bonded through State Farm Insurance

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