Our company Creed is a model to:



Our Clients satisfied and informed.

Develop new opportunities for our Team.



Always operate ethically.

Focus on quality.


Thoroughly and with detail.

Consistently and innovatively.  






Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC started when the owner was faced with the task of cleaning the home of her Mother whom she lost to cancer.  It was her sole responsibility to clean out the home and make all of the cleaning arrangements on her own.  Understandably, the task was a heavy one to bear alone.  The owner sought the assistance of local businesses and neighbors to assist her with tackling the growing to do list.  She was immediately overwhelmed by the way good samaritans showed up, volunteered their time, and offered to help her in any way that they could.  As a result of this experience Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC emerged and has been servicing our clients every since.  Our client base ranges from business owners, busy moms, the elderly, individuals who just need a break, hard workers, the disabled and more! Pink Bee Cleaning Services, LLC has teamed up with Pretty in Pink Foundation, Inc committing to donate a portion of our proceeds to help those people in the Raleigh who are fighting cancer pay their medical bills so that they can focus on recovery!


We clean everything from the ceiling to the floor! No matter which room we clean, we always follow the same cleaning technique and always work our way around the room. 

We start with the crown molding to remove any kind of dust or cobwebs.  Then, we make our way down to ceiling fans, vents, or decor if applicable.  We work our way down whilst also cleaning the outside of cabinet fronts, counter tops, touch points, and lower cabinetry. Of course, sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming the floor is always included. Whilst always following this technique, we work our way around the room until every key area has been cleaned and disinfected. 


9/2019: First residential Client was serviced.

2/2020: Certified as a Microbial Warrior by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council becoming the first in Raleigh, NC to acquire it.

3/2020: Actively began offering electrostatic disinfectant fogging services to both residential and commercial Clients in the community to combat the spread of COVID-19.

6/2020: Certified as a Woman Owned Business by the Small Business Administration.

9/2020: Awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Bark.

12/2020: Migrated into offering commercial only services.


Commercial Cleaning

Janitorial Services

Medical and Dental Office Cleaning

Onsite Day Porter Services

Electrostatic Disinfectant Fogging


We only use clean hand towels for every cleaning, and never cross contaminate between the kitchen and restroom.

Our Cleaners remain diligent in wearing face masks and gloves.

Any Cleaner displaying any signs of being unwell is not allowed to work.

Our Cleaners undergo a vigorous training program to ensure their overall success and safety on the job.




Covid 19- 4.0 Certified by ISSA CMI

Microbial Warrior w/ an emphasis on SARS-Co V2/ Covid 19 Certified by The Global Biorisk Advisory Council 

Licensed and Bonded

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