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  • Clean and sanitize outside of appliances. 

  • Clean and sanitize under movable appliances.

  • Wet clean and sanitize cabinet fronts.

  • Clean and sanitize stove top and pan drawer.

  • Clean and sanitize microwave in and out.  

  • Clean table and chairs.


  • Clean and sanitize mirrors, wall decor, and fixtures.

  • Clean and sanitize shower and sink.

  • Clean and sanitize counter tops and cabinet fronts.  

  • Clean and sanitize in and around toilet area. 

  • Clean and sanitize walls around toilet area.  

Add ON'S

  • Laundry Wash and Fold Service $35 per load (onsite)

  • Inside Frig & Oven Cleaning $40

  • Inside Drawer & Cabinet Cleaning $40

  • Decluttering Service per Room $75 and up

  • Closet Organization and Declutter $75 and up

  • Garage, Attic, and Shed Cleaning $99 and up

  • Wall Cleaning per Wall $40

  • All Natural Fragrance Treatment $25

  • Carpet Cleaning per Room $25


  • Change bed linen (if left out) and make beds.  

  • Light declutter service offered.


  • Dust all upper areas of room and wet clean ceiling fans.

  • Cobweb removal.

  • Dust Blinds.

  • Scrub and sanitize counters and sink. 

  • Dust all furniture and polish as needed. 

  • Clean and sanitize cabinets, shelves, mirrors, doorknobs, and light fixtures.

  • Wipe down and sanitize all cabinet fronts.

  • Dust, wipe down, and sanitize pictures, frames, and décor.

  • Clean and sanitize inside and outside doors.  

  • Dust baseboards.

  • Clean and sanitize tile walls and floors.  

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